Rudder Posts, Spars and Tubes

Spars, Posts, and Tubes

CCI has always been an innovator, and now we are turning our attention to building high quality structural tubes using our proprietary processes. Usually in carbon fiber, but we can work with other materials as well.

In 2014 we added autoclave capability to our shop, with a 12″ diameter, 20′ long heated pressure vessel.

Rudder Posts

For several years we have fabricated our own carbon fiber rudder posts for our custom rudder customers. But now we are also an accepted industry supplier of bare posts to other boat building shops. Our commercial clients include J-Boats, C&C Yachts, C.W. Hood, and Morris Yachts.

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This large carbon fiber boom for a Newick 42 trimaran is but one example of the custom spars we have built. It features localized internal reinforcement patches where needed, raised pads for winch mounting and clutches, and provisions for reefing lines.

22' long carbon fiber whisker poles for classic wooden yacht

This pair of whisker poles are 22′ long, double tapered in autoclaved carbon fiber, then painted with Awlgrip and refitted with original bronze pole ends.  Going on a large classic wooden yacht.

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This spinnaker pole for a J24 is a straightforward carbon tube, with end fittings added. We’ve also done double tapered carbon spinnaker poles for smaller boats. If you’ve seen it in aluminum, we can probably do it in carbon!

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This is a partial inventory of our tube tooling.  Lengths are the maximums possible with the current tooling, but can be made shorter.  Measurement systems (metric or imperial) reflect original purpose of design and associated class rules.   Please feel free to request a quote.

Double Taper
Length 2895mm. OD at ends 44mm, OD at center 66mm.
Intended purpose: J24 spinnaker pole

Length 100.5″. OD at one end 1.375″, OD at opposite end 1.0″.
Intended purpose:  505 spinnaker pole

Length 1960mm. OD at ends 29mm, OD at center 67mm.
Intended purpose: Fireball spinnaker pole

Straight Tube
Length 96″. OD 1.0″.
Intended purpose:  Tiller extension – skiffs & multihulls

Length 120″. OD 2.5″.
Intended purpose: spinnaker pole or dinghy mast lower section

Curved Tube
Length 96″. OD 1.0″, 3″ of curve.
Intended purpose:  Tiller extension – 49’er

Tapered Tube
Length 120″. OD one end 2.5″, OD other end 1.5″.
Intended purpose:  bowsprit or dinghy mast upper section.

Length 3800mm. Outside dimensions 230mm X 120mm.
Intended purpose: Boom, or Multihull beams.

Flattened Ellipse
Length 3000mm, Outside dimensions 98mm X 60mm tapers to 76mm X 60mm.
Intended purpose: 505 Boom

Flattened Ellipse on Long Axis
Length 16′.  Outside dimensions 6.0″ x 4.0″.
Intended purpose: Boom

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